zhengmian tampons by the US FDA certification, CE EU certification
Customs monitoring toxicological experiment, each sliver are sterile
production workshop
When packaging UV ozone disinfection, completed in GMP (Good quality
management standards) clean room
Ensure the health and safety of products

  • 500+
    density hole

  • 100%
    Pure cotton

  • Ux2
    type design

  • 1pad

  • 1.5 times

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Founded in 2015, the beautiful garden city - Xiamen, dedicated to women's health, the company's high-end women's products as the core R & D strength, in addition to independent research and development of its products, the company is also working with European and American imports, zhenmian cotton tampons are the most suitable for Asian women use. Products through the ISO international standard certification, the European Association for certification, FDA certification, SGS international certification authority. Companies rely on continuous innovation and quality products and services to achieve rapid and healthy development of enterprises, efforts to make advanced products and services in Europe and Chinese women. Inspirational become China's top business daily necessities. Mian Zhen good intentions products, in order to better themselves, to try every possible, choose cotton Zhen, give you a reason to look forward to the aunt.

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